Facials & Eye Treatments

X-press facial

your face is cleansed, exfoliated and pores softened with a flow of warm steam.  A masque to soothe and balance the skin is applied, and to finish a spritz of toner followed by moisturiser.

Allow 30 minutes                      £20

Our house facial

Wonderful results for all skin types – your face is cleansed, exfoliated and warm steam is used to soften the pores – includes an indulgent face & shoulder massage with essential oils plus an eyebrow shape – a masque is applied to soothe and balance the skin, a toner and lastly moisturiser to leave your face looking smooth and rehydrated.

Allow 60 minutes                 £35

Wrinkle-erase eye treatment

A therapy designed to give your eyes a more youthful and brighter appearance in an instant.  Using a specially formulated caffeine solution.

Allow 30 minutes £17

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

A luxury treatment – an intense exfoliation and resurfacing therapy designed to rejeuventate the skin.  Ultra fine crystals strike the skin to gently remove the outer layer and at the same time vacuum the skin’s cellular debris.  Production of collagen and elastin is stimulated which promotes a firmer, more youthful looking skin.  Includes a contouring masque and shoulder massage.  Excellent for anti-aging and acne scaring.

45 Minute treatment £46

Discount of 10% on Course of 4 treatments £165

CACI facial

Award winning CACI has a reputation as the finest micro-current machine. Tiny electrical impulses and signals stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue. Benefits after one session – full benefits after a course of 10 sessions over six weeks. Pre-paid course of 10 available – please ask.

60 minute treatment £45

Course of 10 x 60 minute treatments:  pre-paid please ask

CACI eye treatment

A therapy to lift and smooth the delicate eye area.

30 minutes   £17**

CACI Eye Revive

Using basic eye treatment plus hydro eye mask to target puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles

2 x 30 min treatment £40

CACI hydro

Ideal for dry or dehydrated skin – includes cleansing & moisturising prior to treatment with CACI micro current.

2 x 30 min treatments £35

CACI ETR treatment

Promotes skin healing specifically scar/blemishes – problem area can be treated weekly for maximum effect.

Allow 15 minutes    £10**

**Note:  CACI hydro/eye/ETR can be combined with any facial

Lash & Brows

Eyebrow tidy or tint* Allow 15 minutes £7.75
Eyebrow shape Allow 15 minutes £12
Eyelash tint* Allow 30 minutes £11.50
Lash & brow tint* Allow 30 minutes £18.50

LVL Lashes 

Lifts & curls your own lashes, lash tint included, last up to 8 weeks*


Allow 60 minutes




Individual false lashes

15 minutes             £14

*Note: all tinting requires a patch test 24 hours before your first treatment.

Waxing, Electrolysis & Piercing


Full leg & bikini £31 Half leg £18
Bikini from £11 Underarm £9.50
Forearm £8.50 Back or Chest £16
Full arm £13.50 Face £16.50
Lip £7.25 Lip & Chin from £14.50
Chin £8.25


Basic electrolysis – for the progressive and ultimately permanent removal of hair

Up to 15 minutes treatment                       £11

Up to 30 minutes treament                       £18

Advanced electrolysis = for the removal of red veins and skin tags

Up to 15 minutes treatment                      £20


with Caflon registered and qualified therapist using hygienic individual studs:  homecare solution provided:  for males/females from 6 years old (with parental consent as appropriate)    £20.00

Manicure & Pedicure

The Hand & Nail Zone

Our X-press manicure

Includes filing the nails, hand massage and application of selected polish or buff finish

Allow 15 to 30 minutes                           £10

Our house manicure

Nails are reshaped/files and cuticles tidied, a hand and wrist massage follows and finally application of selected polish or buff finish

Allow 30 to 45 minutes                        £17.50

Our luxury manicure

Includes an extra skin and rejuvenation treatment – prior to application of polish your hands, having been massaged with rich moisturising cream, are immersed in warm wax prior to a thermal wrap.  Warming wax encourages the rich cream to absorb, leaving your hands wonderfully soft.  An excellent treatment for dry skin and nails.  Boosts circulation and soothes stiff joints.

Allow 45 – 60 minutes                         £25

The Foot Zone

Our X-press Pedicure

Includes cutting & filing nails, relaxing foot massage & application of selected polish.

Allow 15 – 30 minutes                           £10

Our House Pedicure

Includes cutting & filing nails, tidying cuticles, removing hard skin, foot & massage application of selected polish.

Allow 45 – 60 minutes                         £21

Our Deluxe Pedicure

With an extra rejuvenation treatment that is excellent for poor circulation, dry foot skin and aching feet, following a foot massage with rich cream, your feet will be immersed in warm wax prior to thermal wrap.

Allow 60 – 75 minutes                       £27


Gelish/Gel extensions

Gelish polish

Using fast setting LED lights Gelish gives up to 21 days of high gloss colour and dries instantly – For fingers & toes!!! Choose from 100+ colours!

Allow 30 minutes                    £18.50

Nail Art

from £4

Gelish Soak-off

Allow 15 minutes                     £6.50

Soak-off & new Gelish applied

Allow 45 minutes                     £22.50


Gel Extensions

Full set                       75 minutes                 £30

Infills                         allow 45 – 60 minutes         £20

Gel Extensions with Gelish           £35

Gelish with House or Deluxe £8


Tanning & Body Art

Spray Tan

with ‘Crazy Angel’ in light, medium or dark to tone with your skin shade: choose the ‘4hr wash-off’ or the ‘2hr express wash-off’ application (alcohol/paraben/mineral oil free)

Allow   15 minutes       Full body      £20



Swedish – blissfully indulgent deep tissue massage with tension relaxing oils to warm tired, tense muscles and ease aching joints – both relaxing and re-energising.

Full body                                allow 60 minutes                       £36

Back                                       allow 20 – 30 minutes               £20

Aromatherapy – comforting indulgence for your body and mind – a more gentle massage with enhancing, soothing, fragrant aromatherapy oils for a glowing, silky and revitalised skin –  excellent for both circulation and relaxation.

Full body                                  allow 75 minutes                    £40

Back, scalp and shoulders        allow 30 minutes                    £23

Stone therapy – using heated, smooth basalt stones, this massage is aimed at improving circulation, and relaxing tension held at the deepest level.  A unique method of easing your aching, tired muscles and soothing your mind.

Full body, face and scalp                    allow 90 minutes            £54

Back, neck and shoulders                   allow 45 minutes             £31

Indian Head Massage – based on ancient holistic techniques, a therapeutic massage of scalp, face, neck & back to promote body & mind relaxation: good for headache & migraine sufferers.     £26

Make-up Zone

Application of make-up

Cleanses make-up with colours to enhance & compliment your features. £20

Bridal or ‘big day’ event

Includes trial session make-up and make-up on the day. £37

Call-out fee home visits from £10

About Us The Chill-Out Zone was set up in June 2002 to provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and simply ‘chilling-out’ whilst enjoying quality beauty treatments! Read More

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